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Un soldat estonien tué en Afghanistan

Tallinn, 15 June 2009 - It was with deep sadness that we received the news this morning of the loss of a brave Estonian soldier, Master Sergeant Allain Tikko, in Afghanistan, along with the injury of three other soldiers. Allain Tikko was a courageous and capable fighter, always trustworthy to his companions; he was a good father and friend. We bow our heads in mourning and join Master Sergeant Tikko's loved ones in the pain of their loss.

Un soldat estonien tué en Afghanistan

It is sad and unfair that the best of us give their lives and their health for our country. It is impossible to measure the unlived life of a young man. Each and every one of us senses this feeling and must bear this burden. We must remember that the members of our Defence Forces fighting overseas make grievous sacrifices in the name of the security that we feel every hour of every day in our own independent nation.

All the soldiers serving in foreign missions and their loved ones accept a huge responsibility and personal risk for the sake of us all. Estonia's contribution in making Afghanistan a safer place is our contribution to the common security that is shared by all NATO member states. Afghanistan particularly needs the support of the international community this summer and fall, when elections will take place that hold significant importance for the further development of the nation.

What happened this morning will not diminish Estonia's firm desire to continue in the Afghanistan mission. We have taken upon ourselves the complicated assignment of making life safer for the people of one of the world's most dangerous regions. We are creating security and stability in Afghanistan, which will allow the citizens of Afghanistan to build up their own nation and revive their economy.

Estonia will never forget its fallen and injured soldiers and their loved ones. Our responsibility is to uphold the memory of their bravery and selflessness, which Master Sergeant Allain Tikko, serving his country for the fourth time in a military mission, possessed in abundance. During this difficult day as well as in the future, the support of the Estonian people will be with Master Sergeant Tikko's loved ones.

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